Horticultural Society Headquarters

The Horticultural Society of New York’s new headquarters builds upon the organization’s 106-year historic legacy and contributes to its ongoing mission of education and outreach.

To bridge the institution’s significant library collection with their innovative programming, the project provides a dynamic, urban-scale Gallery/Library/Hall running the length of the building. This space maximizes daylight, joining public and private spaces with a floating light cove, while moveable panels enable transformation for additional display surfaces, lectures and events. Conference room, offices and flexible workstations all benefit from direct light and views to the outside, and are linked in multiple places to the Library/Gallery/Hall.

MPA realized the project within the budget established by the building’s standard fit-out, in a fast-track construction process lasting four months from beginning of design. Cost-effective design strategies integrated glass-front cases salvaged from HSNY’s previous home, with select custom furniture to promote a clear institutional identity.

One year after the project’s completion, the NYC chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects joined the Horticultural Society in the space – a testament to the enduring flexibility of the design.



About MPA

MPA’s multidisciplinary design practice, rooted in the strengths and sensibilities of its partners, spans architecture, landscape, and urban design, enabling us to mine the rich and often unseen potentials of a project and site.


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