Wine Culture Centre

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Wine Culture Centre // Cantina Valpolicella Negrar // Verona, Italy
Young Architects Competitions // Finalist, July 2014

The new Wine Culture Center, located within a remarkable socio-geographic and archaeological fabric of the Veneto region’s pre-alpine landscape, will celebrate the beauty of tradition, knowledge and human activity involved in wine making. The WCC will become a central place/node for culture, training and tasting, through a design approach that celebrates the most ancient and yet significant contemporary human product: wine.

The current facility of Cantina Valpolicella Negrar renders invisible the connection between the experiential properties of sensations, feeling, perceptions, and pleasure. Our project will instead evoke them by revealing the culture of wine production, by making this connection apparent.

This experience can be facilitated and brought to individual consciousness by making the environment visible, by revealing its otherwise invisible processes. A project that enhances heightened perceptions of light, water, climate, geology, culture, history and tradition establishes a site-specific path towards its potential for imaginary appreciation.


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