This duplex apartment, in the iconic 1931 Century building on Central Park West, celebrates the Art Deco opulence characterizing one of the most recognizable multi-family twin-towers of New York. As with other MPA projects that have used the power of their location as a key asset, realizing value out of the unique character of their sites, this relatively small unit sets up a controlled sequence of spaces displaying a significant collection of porcelains and paintings, which MPA collaborated to curate and install in a series of site-specific displays.

From the entry vestibule, shielded by a fully custom multi-leaf screen facing an arrangement of three Rosenthal porcelains, an Eileen Gray “Satellite” mirror, and a 1940’s small table by Eliel Saarinen, the occupants can descend into the living room, whose bay window opens up onto the Central Park and the Midtown skyline.

Alternatively, a bending stair leads to the original bedroom, which has been transformed into three independent sleeping alcoves designed to accommodate the owner and two guests in total privacy. Converted from a walk-in closet and hallway, these additional compact sleeping chambers borrow characteristics from the rail car and the ship’s cabin, two typically convertible spaces, celebrating the owners’ lifestyle of long-distance travels. The master bedroom, set just above the tree line, absorbs a full view of the skyline across the Park, whose formal qualities are mirrored and abstracted in the custom millwork that divides the space. The unit therefore acquires the quality of a unique live-in private gallery, tailored to Manhattan’s hyper-dense metropolitan living.

A few years after renovation, the apartment, art, and furnishings were sold intact by Sothebys’ Premiere Real Estate, in a testament to the unique vision uniting the space so thoroughly with the identity of its historic building, and custom-fit collection.

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