This adaptive reuse of the ground and basement floors of an 1860s industrial structure integrates interior and exterior, existing and new, work and living, in a dense neighborhood using salvaged and low-cost everyday materials. Removing portions of the original rear yard extension and first floor enabled installation of a garden, whose reflective surfaces animate and bring light deep into the interior. Organized on three levels, working spaces occupy the front, interfacing with living spaces that open toward the garden.

The Loft’s strategic deletions and insertions construct a new sense of its urban site, reinterpreting its visible and invisible histories, and repurposing spaces and elements to allow new programs and relationships to emerge.

The reuse of original materials from the existing space’s demolition defines new material assemblies, expressing an approach to sustainability that accesses the richness of history and place.


Elle Decor, “Downtown Downstairs,” 2014
Architectural Record: Record Interiors
, “Let There be Light,” 2003
Creating the New American Townhouse, 2005
Great Spaces Home Interiors 2006
Contemporary World Interiors, 2007
Best Private Plots (for garden), 2008



About MPA

MPA’s multidisciplinary design practice, rooted in the strengths and sensibilities of its partners, spans architecture, landscape, and urban design, enabling us to mine the rich and often unseen potentials of a project and site.


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