Situated on the 39th floor of a 1980s mixed-use tower cantilevered over Gordon Bunschaft’s PepsiCo building, The Terrace is a topography defined by existing and new infrastructures, including window washing winches and insulating and waterproofing layers. Its constructed ground articulates “garden” as a contained nature that is free from traditional oppositions between building and landscape, city and nature. To address the site’s lack of both middle ground and middle scale, the spatial focus oscillates between background and foreground, prospect and place.

The garden is made up of three elements: a fountain crossed by slate stepping stones marks the threshold with the apartment interior; a plant wall made of ground bronze and scored slate panels creates a new horizon at the eastern edge; and a floating ground-plane of grass, stone, and stainless steel physically anchors the planting wall , while providing a surface for dining and relaxing.

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