This transformation of a 1400 SF raw space into a rental apartment maximizes value by increasing light and air and maintaining openness, while providing two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an eat-in kitchen, and significant storage.

The project enhances spatial and visual connections to the exterior to increase the perceived size of the space. Areas of exposed brick are concentrated at windows, where they appear continuous with exterior surfaces. Layering of reflective surfaces admits daylight and magnifies the connection between inside and outside.

An abstract palette of form, materials, and color accentuate the fluid connections between spaces. Strategies of indirect lighting, including a clerestoried second bedroom and continuous cove uplighting in the public living areas, contribute to a serene and welcoming environment. Large sliding and pivoting wall panels allow maximum flexibility of the living and studio spaces.



About MPA

MPA’s multidisciplinary design practice, rooted in the strengths and sensibilities of its partners, spans architecture, landscape, and urban design, enabling us to mine the rich and often unseen potentials of a project and site.


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