Blue Marble Ice Cream Flagship Store

New York, NY

Serving ice cream in a flexible meeting space as a sign of gratitude towards the community, in recognition of its support to the company’s growth 
Blue Marble Ice Cream is a Prospect Heights based company that has grown from a small business to established brand, distributing throughout the US and in five countries.


This complete interior renovation of the original flagship store is meant to be a sign of gratitude towards the community in recognition of its support to the company, with a new modern and clean image reflecting the freshness and originality of the brand’s all-organic identity.


A new storefront will match the colors, materials, and pattern of the interior movable screens. The new store can be divided into two sections for special events, and also opened-up to establish a direct connection between the street’s upcoming sidewalk parklet and improved accessibility to the rear garden.
Completion Date


MPA Team
Linda Pollak, Sandro Marpillero, Taigo Itadani, Xin Liu


Plumbing Engineer: ANZ Consulting Engineering
Contractor: Aventador Construction


Imagen Subliminal