Century Building Art Deco Duplex

New York, NY

Integrating the display of art within an iconic 1930s residential building through a system of transformable spaces that engage each floor’s relation within and above Central Park
The renovation of a 1,800 sf duplex apartment in an Art Deco building on Central Park West accommodates the client’s collection of objets d’art as well as the eventuality that he and his two adult children would be sharing the apartment for brief periods.


The apartment is located at the level in which views into the park change to those across it, towards the skyline of the Upper East Side. The custom millwork of the living room suggests relaxation, while that on the upper level establishes a contrast between open vistas and the intimacy of sleeping spaces.


The upper floor is subdivided into three bedrooms. The rooms, two of which receive no natural light, borrow characteristics from typologies of the rail car and ship’s cabin, sleeping spaces typically unrelated to the outside.
Completion Date


Elliot Kaufman Photography


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