Movement on Main

Syracuse, NY

Applying an ecological model of public health to re-envision Syracuse’s Wyoming Street as an interwoven field of community activity and experience
The proposal envisions Wyoming Street as an interwoven field of activity: cultural destination, neighborhood center, and ecological landscape: a low-speed shared street, along which flexible project elements and spaces activate existing conditions to foster interrelationship from one end of street to other; from one end of neighborhood to other; between neighborhood and context.


Project elements, including multi-functional outdoor program spaces and a path infused with opportunities for experience and activity weave together neighborhood, city, landscape, and art, for this historical neighborhood with a future-focused point of view — a playful environment where you can get online. The proposal communicates a vision and framework for human health and environmental stewardship to a broad community through productive strategies, in an interactive design and implementation process. This framework will enable cross-pollination among constituencies invested in the site.


The Ecological Model is a comprehensive health promotion model concerned with ways in which environment, behavior, and policy help individuals make healthy choices in their daily lives. The core belief of the model is that human behavior does not happen in a vacuum. Rather, human behavior is a complex interaction between individuals, their families, their communities, their spaces, and the society in which they live. The physical environment encompasses factors such as open space and access to nature, access to recreational facilities, the aesthetic or perceived qualities of these facilities, and community design issues related to density, land use, and connectivity.
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ARUP Engineering
Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape
Health x Design


Special Recognition Award, Movement on Main International Design Competition