The James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center In MAS Innovation Exhibit

The James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center, designed by Marpillero Pollak Architects, is one of the eight selected advocacy and civic engagement projects exhibiting in this year’s MAS Innovation Exhibit on Tuesday, October 9, at St Bartholomew’s Church.

The MAS Summit for New York City is a signature conference that attracts a diverse audience of policy-makers, industry leaders, and engaged citizens.


Here’s what has been said about the project:

“Of the many incredible submissions that are empowering individuals to shape their built environment, our jury of Urbanist Members were particularly impressed with your project, Another Country/The James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center on the Campus of DeWitt Clinton High School.”

The James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center project comes together to transforms the grounds of DeWitt Clinton High School into a destination for learning, growing, health, and community, connected by accessible trails. In the “Community Hub,” neighbors will engage in permaculture practices. The “School Hub” will be a versatile education and garden space including the “Welcome Table.” We envision a model community school that inspires resiliency, sustainability, and personal responsibility.

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A Stroll, A Fun Palace – Interactive Installation

This work is a collaboration between Sandro Marpillero and a group of students of the Master of Interactive Arts at the Università Iuav di Venezia, coordinated by Cristina Barbiani.

The project is about activating the Swiss Pavilion at the 2014 Biennale, with an interactive installation in relation to Cedric Price’s project for the Fun Palace (1961-64).

Sandro initiated this project as a parallel activity to his role of design instructor (with Angela Vettese, Valeria Burgio, Renato Bocchi) at the Biennale-related post-graduate level Iuav/Workshop If Clause – Archiving the Impossible, which was connected to the Swiss Pavilion’s “School of Tomorrow” directed by Lorenza Baroncelli.

View the exhibition booklet.

GSAPP Faculty Projects + Publications

MPA’s model of the Elmhurst Public Library (Queens, NYC), to be completed in six months, is on display at Columbia University in the 400 Level Gallery of Avery Hall, as part of an exhibition of faculty projects and publications. The new 30,000 sf building addresses the complex urban situation created by a 15-story apartment building that had obscured the site’s historical park, by re-establishing the institution’s visibility on Broadway. The project is the largest building realized by a small firm within the DDC’s Design and Construction Design Excellence Program.

Recycling Terminal Iron Works

An installation about the Bolton Landing Studio Residence Renovation project is currently on view at the Exhibition “Erasmus Effect – Italian Architects Abroad” at the National Museum of 21st Century Arts, in Rome (Italy), from early December 2013 to the end of April 2014. MPA’s work, “Recycling Terminal Iron Works” includes a large scale model, a video, and a display of dried leaves collected on site in the fall of 2013. The installation, facing Lot-tek’s sliced containers with videos of the Erasmus Generation, points towards a world’s map and a time-line indicating the locations in which Italian architects have established their practices between 1860 and today. It is positioned mid-way in Gallery 1, on and in front of a display shelf with models by, among others, Paolo Soleri, Piano & Rogers, Massimiliaio Fuskas, EMBT, and Elisabetta Terragni.

For more information on the exhibit, ERASMUS EFFECT.


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