Lectures and Symposia

MPA’s partners share a commitment to education and outreach. In addition to long-standing teaching appointments, they share their projects and research at venues including universities, professional organizations, and city agencies. The following is a list of selected presentations.

LP, “Rights of Way: A New Politics of Movement in New York City?” Barnard College, November 2009

SM/LP, “Queens Plaza: Infrastructure Reframed,” Urban Omnibus/The Architectural League of New York, June 2009

SM/LP, “New York Designs: Public – GreenBranches Learning Gardens – Becoming Public,” The Architectural League of New York, June 2009

LP, “Fit City 4: Promoting Physical Activity Through Design,” Moderator and Presenter, Center for Architecture/AIA NYC Chapter, June 2009

LP, “Active Design Guidelines,” Presenter, AIA National Convention and Design Exposition, April 2009

SM, “Library at the Center of Community,” AIA New York City Chapter, April 2009

SM/LP, “Queens Plaza and Other Stories,” Washington University in St. Louis, March 2009

SM/LP, “Architecture in Contexts,” NYC Department of Design and Construction TALKS, November 2008

SM, “Urban Sublime,” Columbia University GSAPP, Fall 2008

LP, “Designing Parks,” Parks Service, Van Allen Institute, UVA, 2008

SM/LP, “Quasi-Objects,” University of Pennsylvania, Department of Landscape Architecture, February 2008

LP, “GreenBranches Learning Gardens,” Open House New York TALKS, The Horticultural Society of New York, 2006-2008

SM, “Strategic Thresholds,” Harvard GSD, 2007

LP, “Fit City: Promoting Physical Activity through Design,” Panelist, AIA New York City Chapter, May 2006

SM, “Urban Inhabitation,” Harvard GSD, 2006

SM, “Strategic Thresholds,” University of Pennsylvania Department of Landscape Architecture, Lecture Series, 2006

SM/LP, “Paradoxical Spaces,” RISD Department of Architecture, Lecture Series, Fall 2006

SM, “And,” Princeton University, Ph.D. Colloquium Series, Fall 2005

SM, “Infrastructures,” Columbia University GSAPP, Urban Design Lecture Series, Summer 2005

LP, “the back-and-forth thing,” Arizona State University Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, 2005

LP/SM, “And,” Serralves Museum & Foundation Symposium on Landscape & Architecture, Porto Portugal, 2005

LP, “Architecture as a Career,” Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Symposium for Teens, 2005

SM, “Uncanny Thresholds,” Yale University Department of Architecture, Symposium: Architecture & Psychoanalysis, 2004

LP, “Inside Outside: between architecture and landscape,” with Maryann Thompson, Build Boston, 2004

LP, “Landscape within Architecture,” Roundtable discussion, The Architectural League of New York, 2004

SM, “Environmental Thresholds,” Columbia University GSAPP, Lunchtime Lectures, Summer 2004

LP, “Ground between Architecture and Landscape,” American Academy in Rome, 2004

LP, “Sites out of mind,” University of Virginia, symposium, 2004

SM, “Recent Work,” University of Venice, Institute of Architecture, Lecture Series, Summer 2003

LP, “Landscape Urbanism,” Urban Design Institute, symposium, 2003

LP, “Designing the Highline,” Architects Designers and Planners for Social Responsibility, symposium, 2003

LP, “Going Public,” Van Alen Institute, 2003

LP, “Fresh Kills/Large Park,” Harvard University GSD, Department of Landscape Architecture, Large Parks Conference, 2003

SM, “Thresholds,” Harvard University GSD, Lecture Series, Fall 2002

SM, “Through the Looking Glass,” University of Pennsyslvania, Lecture Series, Spring 2002

LP, “Practice between Landscape and Architecture,” University of Pennsylvania Department of Landscape Architecture, 2002

LP, “Paradoxical Everyday Spaces,” Georgia Tech School of Architecture, 2002

LP, “Building as Site/Performing the Kitchen,” The Kitchen: center for video, music, dance, performance, and literature, 2002

LP, “Everyday Spaces: three projects,” Fitness of Cities, Salt Lake City Planning Commission, 2002

LP, “Vision and Ethics in City Building,” Physical Fitness of Cities conference, Salt Lake City Planning Commission, 2002

LP, “Marked Landscapes / Eibs Pond Park,” conversation with Mikael Levin, Photographer, Design Trust for Public Space, 2001

LP, “Paradoxical spaces,” SUNY Stonybrook NY, Visiting Artist Lecture Series, 2001

LP, “Recent Work/ Building City Landscape,” Harvard University GSD / Loeb Fellowship Program, 2001

SM, “Marginal Areas in New York City,” University of Pescara, Chieti, Italy, Symposium Sring 2000

LP, “Recent Work/ Building City Landscape,” Rensaleer Polytechnic Institute, 2000

LP, “Recent Work/Partially Open Spaces” Mississippi State University, 2000

LP, “Building City Landscape,” and “Landscape Urbanism,” symposium, University of Toronto, Canada, 2000

LP, “Petrosino Park/Questions of Scale,” Harvard University Law School; Interdisciplinary Dialogue Lecture Series, 2000

LP, “Inside Outside: between architecture and landscape” University of Pennsylvania Department of Landscape Architecture, 2000

LP, “Kevin Kieran Memorial Symposium: Spirituality in Architecture,” University College of Dublin, Ireland, 2000

LP, “Conference on Design Issues Facing Mayors of Five midsize American Cities,” Mayor’s Institute of City Design, Austin, TX, 2000

LP, “Monumentality and the Culture of Exhibition,” ACSA Section Chair 2000, Los Angeles, CA, 2000

LP, “Questions of Scale,” Pratt Institute of Architecture, 2000

SM, “Strategic Threshold,” University of Texas at Arlington, Lecture Series, Spring 1999

SM, “Current Work,” RISD Department of Architecture, Lecture Series, Fall 1999

SM, “Urban Trans-Formations,” Columbia University, Architecture Lecture Series, Summer 1997-98-99

LP, “Thinking About Landscape: Interdisciplinary Contributions of the 1990s,” Harvard GSD, Department of Landscape Architecture, 1999

LP, “Asia GSD: Third Space Asian Manifestations” Harvard University GSD, 1999

SM, “Scores and Scars: Architecture and Urban Design,” Fachochschule, Hamburg, Germany, Lecture Series, Spring 1998

LP, “Building City Landscape/Questions of Scale” Stadelschule, Frankfurt, Germany, Lecture Series, 1998

LP, “Constructing Ground: New Paradigms for Urban Outdoor Spaces” Hammons School of Architecture, Springfield, MO, 1998

LP, “Landscape Urbanism,” Graham Foundation, 1998

LP, “Women in Architecture,” Radcliffe College, 1998

SM, “Collage City, Again?” Drury College, The Hammons School of Architecture, Lecture Series, 1997-98

SM, “Space, Art and the City,” Pratt Institute, The Urban Design Seminar Series, Fall 1997

LP, “Landscape Urbanism; conference,” University of Illinois/ Graham Foundation, 1997

LP, “Absent Walls & other Boundary Stories” Harvard University GSD, 1997

SM, “Recent Projects,” Princeton University, Spring Semester Talks, 1996

LP, “Building City Landscape,” University of British Columbia Department of Architecture, Vancouver, BC, 1996

LP, “Building City Landscape,” Rhode Island School of Design, 1996

LP, Roundtable discussion on design publishing, Harvard University, Harvard Design Magazine, 1996

LP, “Public Spaces in the Late 20th Century,” symposium, Storefront for Art & Architecture & The Cooper Union, NYC, 1996

SM, “Inspiration to Order,” Harvard University GSD, Architecture Lecture Series, Fall 1995

LP, ”Landscape Architecture, Social Ideology & the Politics of Place,” conference, Harvard University GSD, 1995

LP, “Limited Interventions: Urban/ /Nature/ /Paradigms,” Columbia University GSAPP, Urban Design Program, 1995

LP, “Constructing Ground: A Framework for Practice,” The Architectural League of New York, 1995

LP, “Denaturalized Urbanity,” Symposium, moderator, Harvard University GSD, 1995

LP, “Hans Scharoun’s Berlin Philharmonic,” Symposium, moderator, Harvard University GSD, 1994

SM, “Recent Italian Housing and Community Design,” Parsons School of Design, Lecture Series, Spring 1993

LP, “Issues in Art and Design Education: Looking Toward the Future,” Roundable discussion, RISD, 1992

SM, “Dialogue with the Minimal: Italian Architecture of the 1950s – 1970s,” Columbia University, Buell Center, 1991

SM, “The Design Work / Dreaming the Project,” Rhode Island School of Design, Spring Lecture Series, 1991

LP, “Le Corbusier’s Le Petit Maison 1923,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 1991

LP, “Nature Contained/Nature Re-Presented: Constructing the Garden in the City,” Architecture Club of Miami Lecture Series, 1990, Miami, FL.

SM, “Rehabilitation of Villaggio San Domenico,” Opera Prima Series, Triennale of Milan, 1990

LP, “Domestic Urban Outdoor Space,” Iowa State University of Architecture, Ames, IA, 1990

LP, “Reconstructing Nature: The Garden in the City,” Rhode Island School of Design, 1990

LP, “The Garden in the City: A Retrieval,” Rice University, Department of Architecture, Houston TX, 1988

LP, “The Future of Women in Architecture,” Symposium, Bunting Institute, Radcliffe College, 1988

SM, “The Albany Mall Installation,” Empire State Plaza, Albany New York, 1987

LP, “The Garden in the City,” ACSA National Conference Los Angeles, 1987


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