MPA’s team of highly qualified staff members brings a range of backgrounds and expertise that complement the firm’s approach, from fields including architecture, landscape, urban design and the fine arts. As academics and practitioners, the partners share a commitment to mentorship that fosters an environment of collaboration and learning at all levels.

Linda Pollak
Sandro Marpillero

Current MPA Team
Claudette Buelow
Taigo Itadani
Matthew Saacke
Xinru Liu

Past Team Members (alphabetical order)
Gregory Aranda
Liz Atlas
Deborah Balters
Mark Blumberg
Lesley Chang
Josephine Chang
Jung-Ahn Choi
Hyun Chung
Alison Crawshaw
Laura Crescimano
Natasha Cunningham
Patrick Curry
Christopher Eidt
Peter Elsbeck
Valeria Erasmo
Matthew Fooks
Jacqueline Fritz
Stefie Gan
Alejandro Guerrero
Shai Gross
Claire H. Johnson
Ann Ha
Kristy Haag
Trevor Hollyn Taub
Hanna Huang
Ekachai Jiaravanont
Ayelet Karmon
Kyungen Kim
Kara Koirtyohann
Andrew Kossow
Katharina Kriener
Kevin Kunstadt
Karl-Erik Larson
Renee Lee
Ines Lejarraga
Kim Letven
Jessica Levin
Christi Lewis
Michael Lewis
Amy Lin
Cheng-Yi Lin
Jeremy Linzee
Donghee Ma
Joseph Maurer
Christine McMahon
Geraldine Monier
Ellen Neises
Emily Newman
Dwayne Oyler
Nico Pallotto
Nicole Portieri
Daniel Rafique
Kimberlae Saul
Anne-Rachel Schiffmann
Lindsay Selin
Deanna Smith
Ariane Sphikas
Gabriel Stadecker
Lisa Switkin
Karen Tamir
Paul Teng
Peter Thompson
Dan Windsor
Shelley Yang
Saki Yoshimura
Becky Yurek
Nita Yuvaboon



About MPA

MPA’s multidisciplinary design practice, rooted in the strengths and sensibilities of its partners, spans architecture, landscape, and urban design, enabling us to mine the rich and often unseen potentials of a project and site.


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