Roma 20-25 at GSAPP – Seminar



This seminar will articulate a conversation about how to creatively recombine a city’s productive tensions between the “real” world and “imagined” representations of its spatiality. Paradigmatic exhibitions on architecture and the city, spanning an arc of 35 years until the present, will provide base material for reinterpretation.

The National Museum of the Arts of 21st Century in Rome (MAXXI) is promoting such conversation about contemporary architecture and the city, by inviting 12 Italian universities and 12 foreign ones to study different areas of a larger scale territory surrounding Rome. The GSAPP is one of the 24 participating institutions. The challenge posited by “ROMA 20 – 25. New cycles of life for the metropolis” is to elaborate research topics that hold together the clarity of a manifesto and parameters for a design project, engaging a territory that extends more than 25 km from the historical city center, also adopting a temporal projection of 10 years ahead.

Official Roma 20-25 Site

Recycling Terminal Iron Works

An installation about the Bolton Landing Studio Residence Renovation project is currently on view at the Exhibition “Erasmus Effect – Italian Architects Abroad” at the National Museum of 21st Century Arts, in Rome (Italy), from early December 2013 to the end of April 2014. MPA’s work, “Recycling Terminal Iron Works” includes a large scale model, a video, and a display of dried leaves collected on site in the fall of 2013. The installation, facing Lot-tek’s sliced containers with videos of the Erasmus Generation, points towards a world’s map and a time-line indicating the locations in which Italian architects have established their practices between 1860 and today. It is positioned mid-way in Gallery 1, on and in front of a display shelf with models by, among others, Paolo Soleri, Piano & Rogers, Massimiliaio Fuskas, EMBT, and Elisabetta Terragni.

For more information on the exhibit, ERASMUS EFFECT.


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