Our award-winning projects in the United States and elsewhere receive acclaim for the skill with which they redefine their contexts at multiple scales, to enrich a project’s productive impact on its surroundings with innovative and technically robust design solutions. 


American Architecture Award 
Chicago Athenaeum 2022
West Water View Terrace
Honorable Mention in Architectural Design
Architecture Masterprize 2021 
Re-Activating Terminal Ironworks 
Design of the Year and People’s Choice 
American Institute of Architects Brooklyn & Queens 2017
Elmhurst Library 

more awards

  • The Architects News Paper Best of Design for Civic Educational Building Award, Elmhurst Library, 2017

  • American Architects Building of the Week, Elmhurst Library, 2017
  • The Architecture Center Building of the Day, Elmhurst Library, 2017
  • Brooklyn Queens AIA Design Awards: BQDA Design of the Year, BQDA Best of Queens, Elmhurst Library, 2017
  • American Architecture Prize: Merit Award, Elmhurst Library, 2017
  • Center for Active Design Excellence Honor Award, Elmhurst Library, 2017
  • Penthouse Terrace, 2016
  • Architizer A+ Special Mention Award, Elmhurst Library, 2015
  • United States Green Building Council LEED Silver Certification, Elmhurst Library, 2015
  • Movement on Main International Design Competition Special Recognition Award, 2014
  • International Landscape Bennial-Rosa Barba Prize Finalist, Queens Plaza, 2014
  • Architizer Special Mention Award, Queens Plaza, 2013
  • AIA/Boston Society of Architects Urban Design/Transformation Award, Queens Plaza, 2012
  • Staten Island Chamber of Commerce Excellence Award for Exterior and Green Building, Staten Island Children’s Museum, 2012
  • NYC Design + Construction Excellence Program High Performance Pilot Project, Staten Island Children’s Museum, 2009
  • NYC Design Awards Public Design Commission Award for Allan McCollum’s Shapes Project, Elmhurst Library, 2009
  • AIA New York City Chapter Merit Award, Queens Plaza, 2008
  • AIA New York State Award, Duane Street Live Work Loft, 2008
  • Building Brooklyn Awards, Bergen School Library, 2008
  • Best Private Plots Award, Duane Street Loft Garden, 2008
  • Queens Chamber for Commerce Awards, Whitestone Library Learning Garden, 2007
  • Small Firms NYC Design + Construction Excellence Program, Cohort 2, 2006-09
  • Small Firms NYC Design + Construction Excellence Program, Cohort 1, 2004-06
  • Toledo ArtNET Gateway Competition First Prize, 2006
  • Design Share/Excellence in Education Awards, PS 1/Bergen School (Robin Hood) Library, 2005
  • Friends of the High Line Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Honorable Mention Award, High Line Sublime, 2004
  • Environmental Design Research Association Honor Award, Outdoor Classrooms, 2003
  • Wood Design & Building Association, United States and Canada, Outdoor Classrooms, 2003
  • American Institute of Architects Staten Island Honor Award, Eib’s Pond Park Thresholds, 2003
  • American Institute of Architects Staten Island Honor Award, Eib’s Pond Park, 2002
  • New York State Council on the Arts Independent Projects Grant, Eib’s Pond Park Thresholds, 2002
  • American Society of Landscape Architects, Professional Awards; Merit Award for Excellence in Landscape Architecture, Outdoor Classrooms, 2002
  • American Society of Landscape Architects Merit Award for Excellence in Communications, Map-Guide of Eib’s Pond Park, 2002
  • Fox Hill Community Development District Award of Excellence, Outdoor Classroom at Eib’s Pond Park, 2002
  • National Art & Design Competition for Street Trees, First Prize, Street Tree Protection, 2002


We Stand in a Crisis with Water 
Ahmedabad Textile Mills Association (ATMA) 
Ahmedabad, India 2023 
Mapping Community 
Center for Architecture 
New York, NY 2019 
Erasumus Effect: Italian Architects Abroad 
National Museum of 21st Century Art (MAXXI) 
Rome, Italy 2013 

more exhibitions

  • Canadian Center for Architecture Exhibition: Imperfect Health, Elmhurst Library, 2011

  • The Center for Architecture Selected Entries, Urban Shed Competition, 2010
  • The Center for Architecture; New York Now!, Elmhurst Library and Queens Plaza, 2008
  • The Architectural League; New New York: Fast Forward, 2007, Elmhurst Library, Staten Island Children’s Museum, 2007
  • Van Alen Institute Exhibition; The Good Life, Eib’s Pond Park Outdoor Classroom, 2006
  • University of Virginia, Eib’s Pond Park Thresholds, 2004
  • Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Station; Highline Design Competition Selected Entries, 2003
  • University of Pennsylvania Women in Design Exhibition, Eib’s Pond Thresholds, 2003
  • Vision and ethics in city building, Salt Lake City; An international Exhibition of Significant Practices Olympic Winter Games, 2002
  • Harvard University Graduate School of Design “Urban Design Strategies for Hell’s Kitchen”, 1999
  • Graham Foundation, Chicago Group Exhibition: Landscape Urbanism, 1997
  • Municipal Art Society; Beyond the Box, Design Issues of Big Box Retail on Industrially Zoned Sites in NYC, 1995


The Architect’s Newspaper
“Marpillero Pollak Architects masterfully designs new library in Elmhurst, Queens,”
William Menking, 2017
New York Behind Closed Doors 
“Head over Heels,”
P. Devlin, A. Schlecter, Gibbs Smith, 2017
Design and Construction Excellence 2.0: Guiding Principles
“Equity,” “Sustainability,” “Healthy Living” 
NYCDDC, 2016

more publications

  • House Cat, Paul Barbera, Thames & Hudson, 2023 
  • NYC Design for Equity, Elmhurst is one of two library Case Studies, 2018
  • Wild by Design, Margie Ruddick, Island Press (Queens Plaza), 2016
  • Under the Elevated: Reclaiming Space, Connecting Communities, Design Trust (Queens Plaza), 2015
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Terminal Iron Works: Skies In A Room
Sandro Marpillero
Vesper, 2022
“Pieces of the World: Yves Brunier’s Landscape Representations
Linda Pollak
Representing Landscapes: One Hundred Years of Visual Communication, 2022 
“Pre-Figurations,” “Architectural Exhibition as Environmental  Apparatus,” and”Constellation
Sandro Marpillero
Università Iuav di Venezia, 2020, 2022, 2024 

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