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At Northeastern University School of Architecture, Sandro Marpillero presented five projects at different scales, in the context of diverse agencies, institutions, guidelines.

W.A.VE 2013 Workshop

The newspaper, La Nuova di Venezia, recently featured an article on the WAVE 2013 workshop. With WAVE 2013, Sandro led a three-week summer workshop in Venice where students designed interventions that transformed Porto Marghera, an industrial area, into a new urban landscape.

Featured projects include a train-powered mobile library, “Firefly” lantern structures, and a series of films to be projected on the silos of Porto Marghera.

Original article, The Imagination Saves Porto Marghera [In Italian]

For more information on the workshop, WAVE 2013

Elmhurst Library Topping Out Ceremony

The New York Real Estate Journal Network covered the topping-out ceremony of Elmhurst Library. “Elmhurst is a thriving neighborhood that needs a state-of-the-art library to support education, job growth, and intellectual development. The new design by award-winning Marpillero Pollak Architects will combine all the library features the community deserves while paying homage to the library’s legacy in Elmhurst,” said Galante, Queens Library’s president and CEO.

NYREJ’s Coverage of the Topping-Out Ceremony

Recycling Terminal Iron Works

An installation about the Bolton Landing Studio Residence Renovation project is currently on view at the Exhibition “Erasmus Effect – Italian Architects Abroad” at the National Museum of 21st Century Arts, in Rome (Italy), from early December 2013 to the end of April 2014. MPA’s work, “Recycling Terminal Iron Works” includes a large scale model, a video, and a display of dried leaves collected on site in the fall of 2013. The installation, facing Lot-tek’s sliced containers with videos of the Erasmus Generation, points towards a world’s map and a time-line indicating the locations in which Italian architects have established their practices between 1860 and today. It is positioned mid-way in Gallery 1, on and in front of a display shelf with models by, among others, Paolo Soleri, Piano & Rogers, Massimiliaio Fuskas, EMBT, and Elisabetta Terragni.

For more information on the exhibit, ERASMUS EFFECT.


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